Poor Trent. Following a long and messy night at Sapphic Traffic we made him get out of bed just at the point when he’d probably only just got in it. He brought his fancy camera, his skillz and a bunch of fun ideas to Wharf Chambers, where we were busy drinking espresso and discussing Ash dieback over the Saturday papers.

Wharf Chambers was the obvious choice. Our friends are there, it feels like something of a spiritual home for us, and they gots all those Seabrook’s crisp flavours you just never seem to see in shops these days.

We think Trent did an incredible job and in return we’ll be loading him up with all of the food he likes. Amazingly, this was Trent’s first project documenting a band visually in a non-performance format. But brother racked that muthafucka like he was a pro, don’t you agree?

Check the gallery to see a selection of the images:


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