Hey there!  Here’s an update of some upcoming shows we have lined up at the moment.  Thanks to Aaron Jones for the ace pic above.  (We’ve more shows coming up with details yet to be confirmed under ‘Shows’ above)

15.09.13 LEEDS Brudenell Social Club (with Zombie Zombie)

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Back in 2010, French musician Etienne Jaumet released a deliciously creepy album in the form of Night Music. Now, he’s teamed up with fellow Frenchmen Herman Dune as Zombie Zombie, and the group will release an album, Rituels d’un Nouveau Monde, on November 19 via Versatile. The loopy, hypnotic synth work contained within “Illuminations” represents the second single from the LP.

On this year when all the prophecies are to be fulfilled, Zombie Zombie releases a new album on Versatile Records, entitled “Rituels d’un Nouveau Monde” (“Rituals of a New World”) – with its French title a desire to affirm their “French Touch”!

Behind this mysterious title, the band offers a vast program, no frills, but the urge to take a new direction in their instrumental music after their masterful 2010 effort at horror movies music (“Zombie Zombie plays John Carpenter”).

At the helm, Etienne Jaumet (synthesizers, analog modular drum machines, effects, vox) and Cosmic Neman (drums, percussion, vox, rototoms, bongos, maracas, tambourine…) and the French electro-wizard Joakim behind the controls in his own alaogic studio “Labyrinth” in Paris. A dream studio where analogue synths rub shoulders with top notch hardware. The engineering talents of Joakim plus his knowledge of music served to the best the compositions of the band.

The album was recorded last spring between Etienne and Neman tours with their other projects: solo for Etienne (“Night Music” album, produced by Carl Craig!), Herman Dune for Cosmic Neman.

Although the album title should not be too seriously, it evokes the idea of talking about the spiritual language of music and its magic: the trance achieved through the sound and rhythm, as found primarily in African and Caribbean traditions, where the “ritual” is the procedure to get in touch with a supernatural state – the “New World”, the world-beyond that Zombie Zombie seek to achieve through their hypnotic music.

£7 advance.


23.09.13 LEEDS Brudenell Social Club (with Sky Larkin and Cowtown)

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Leeds College of Music SU, Leeds College of Art SU & Brudenell Social Club present:

Sky Larkin
Touring in support of their third album ‘Motto’ released on Wichita Recordings on 16/09/13.
Listen to ‘Loom’ taken from the new album here:

plus Galaxians and

Local legends Cowtown have recently released (and sold out of!) their third album ‘Dudes Vs. Bad Dudes’. They will be providing the upbeat stomping tunes about Animals, Goths and Monotone faces.

£4 on the door.


02.10.13 LEEDS Oporto (with Klaus Johann Grobe)

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Swiss duo, Klaus Johann Grobe, play a kind of danceable Krautrock informed by early ’80’s New York punk funk pioneers such as ESG.

Driven by an organic yet metronomic beat aligned with synth, chant-like vocals and a monstrous funky bass, this is seriously bum waggling electro-freak goodness. The music does seem to aim towards a certain kind of hypnosis, particularly as the sleeping pill echo-heavy vocals cycle over the locked grooves the pair throw down.

This band are certainly aiming towards the more dance-orientated arena of Kraut music, aligning the metro pulse of Klaus Dinger and Kraftwerk’s calculators to more biological factors – kind of like moss growing on the mainframe.

The duo played selected UK dates in early 2013 in support of their vinyl only album release that gained a great Shindig review, Louder than War artist of the day and Norman Records Single of the Week.

£4 in.


19.10.13 LEEDS Brudenell Social Club (as part of Octernal Festival)

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Octernal is a brand new all day event carefully curated by a group of promoters whom all of which want to rock your socks off. We all have our favourite artists that we want to share with you and Octernal Festival is our serendipitous vessel that will make that happen.

Taking place on the 19th October, across 3 stages; Brudenell Social Main Room, Brudenell Games Room and Left Bank Church, there will be a menagerie of acts ranging from bazouki rock to caveman battle doom, from psych folk to slacker indie, from drone to post punk. Every earhole’s a goal!

Octernal features more than 26 acts including:

Veronica Falls
Big Joan
The Family Elan
Fever Dream
Get machine, Destroy!
Mother / Destroyer
The St. Pierre Snake Invasion

+ many more tbc…

Tickets available from:
See Tickets
We Got Tickets

Tickets £12

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