RELEASE YOURSELF IV // Wharf Chambers // 15.02.14

We’ve missed you Dancers; it feels like this party has been a long time coming. We’re excited and we’ve prepared something really special for you this time around. I’s been worth the wait.

We’re so happy to announce that Darren Pritchard is coming to Vogue for us and set the night off! Darren is one of a handful of truly talented traditional Vogue dancers in the country, he comes from a vibrant Ball scene in Liverpool and we’re proud to be brining him to the floor in Leeds. I saw him first at the Manchester Vogue Ball – he truly turned it out!

We have Body Beat coming all the way from Lille France to play for us. Expect sensational funk and pounding electro – they’re going to get your body jacked. This is the second date of their European tour and I know they are keen to party really hard with us, expect beaming smiles all round.

Leeds own disco greats Galaxians will be tearing it it up for us. I’m sure you have fond memories of them at our first party, we’re proud to have them back.

Leeds Game Program will kick off the night around 9pm. So come early for the bands Dancers and then stay late for Marklion and Release Yourself DJs playing a mix of gorgeous, triumphant and eclectic disco and house records until the morning comes.

All this for £5.

Release Yourself prides itself on bringing you all together to dance and get close, we work to make a mixed night full of friends and welcoming of strangers. We know that what really makes it special is your attitude – we’re grateful of your support and your openness to dance shoulder to shoulder with tolerance and friendship. We cant wait to see you all!



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