Galaxians Mix 16 (Feb 2017): Now on Mixcloud

  1. Phil Gerus – If Not, My Eyes Closed (Lumberjacks Boogie, 2016)

Released on Netherlands label Lumberjacks Boogie last year, this track from Russian producer Phil Gerus is what you might call “the shit”!

One of four tracks from the ‘Lumberjacks Boogie vol. 2’ EP, all of which are totally banging.  There’s no other word to describe them, really.  You need it in your collection – buy it now!

  1. ABCF – Phantom (Future Vision World, 2016)


ABCF = A Band Called Flash.  Executive produced by legendary house producer Ron Trent (check his 1995 classic from ‘The Nature of Retribution EP’ here), this is a great modern boogie number that channels elements of French house with soulful vocals, slap bass and synths.

  1. Tomas Malo – Love Stoned (Whiskey Disco, 2013)


An innovative, thoughtful and respectful rework of Kashif’s 1982 classic ‘Stoned Love’, which stays true to the original by taking original elements from the track and sensitively rearranging them.  Normally, I would never tolerate any kind of messing around with a Kashif track, but this track is so expertly crafted that it had to be included on the mix.  Released in 2013 on the ‘Future Lovers EP’ from re-edit label Whiskey Disco.

  1. Tyka Nelson – L.O.V.E. (Shep Pettibone Dance Mix) (Chrysalis, 1988)


Tyka Nelson is the late great Prince’s sister, and unsurprisingly also a great musician.  This track was produced by boogie/disco producer Shep Pettibone, and is full of tasty synths, 808 drum machines and more.

  1. Jiraffe – Out’a The Box (Crazy Club Dub Mix) (GoldQwest Records, 1988)


Co-produced by Richie Weeks from Weeks and Co and The Jammers, this is a super lo-fi garage house track originally released on the budget GoldQwest Records in 1988 before being reissued on Italian label Omaggio last year.  Lots of stuff going on here – drum machines distorted through the four track, crunchy synths and a nod-along kick.  What is this box they’re on about, though?

  1. Claude Jay – Love Is The Answer (Purple Majic Records, 1986)


Yes! Love REALLY IS the answer.  What a track, and how important to have this playing REALLY LOUD as much as possible these days!  Claude Jay is a New York-based singer and producer, and this track was released on the obscure Purple Majic Records in 1986.  The production quality on this track is superb – the gospel-style choir really tugs at the heartstrings!  It deserves a re-release and Claude Jay deserves our huge thanks for this superb track.

  1. Anthony Lockett – Decisions (Boogie Times Records 2011, originally released 1983)


Anthony Lockett is a member of Cameo (of ‘Word Up’ fame) and is a guitarist and producer.  French label Boogie Times Records (recently defunct as of 2014) re-released this track in 2011.

  1. Hall Boys Organisation – Send In The Groove (Studio Records, 1985)


Not sure who the Hall Boys Organisation were, but they were probably funky robots who had a synth fetish, because that’s what this sounds like.  It’s all about the synths and the drum machines and that 100% electronic crusing groove.  Released on Maryland-based Studio Records in 1985.  Wind down those windows and crawl down the palm tree avenues…


  1. Colorblind – Crazy (Capitol Records, 1984)


Colorblind were a modern soul band who released one album and single on Capitol in 1984.  Some sweet little riffs and close harmonies dominate in this track.  It almost sounds like it could have been a 80s Four Tops or O’Jays production, such is the the quality of the recording.

  1. Affinity – Pick Me Up (Rock Me Non-Stop) (Pow Wow Records, 1986)


Synth bass, drum machines and a kind of loose production that makes this a garage house/boogie crossover track.  Affinity also released another great track (a boogie number called ‘Don’t Go Away’ on Mango Records in 1983), but this is a steady banger released at the period where house music was beginning to become a thing in the US.  Pow Wow Records are also known for releasing Serious Intention’s classic ‘Serious’ in 1986 – another proto-house track with lots of influences on the likes of Easy Street Records, Strictly Rhythm and more.

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