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We’re mightily pleased and excited to announce that we will be returning to the studio this weekend to start work on our next batch of recordings, which will include brand new songs and unrecorded songs from our current live set.

Once again we will be working with Ross Halden at Ghost Town studios in Leeds. Ross engineered our first six tracks in 2012, which you can find on both our Bandcamp and on our website.

The sessions will take us through two weekends in February, plus further weekends recording and mixing in March and April. We’re hoping to have the sessions mastered and available for release in time for our UK and European tour in May and June this year.

Here’s a list of songs for the sessions:

Out They Minds
My Shit is Custom
Strictly Busin£$$
Blasting Off

Some of these tracks will definitely get a vinyl release in 2013, so watch this space! We’ll also make them available on our Bandcamp as high quality downloads.

If you fancy popping in over the weekend make sure you bring either halloumi or falafel (or both) sandwiches, espresso coffee (Lavazza or Illy please), or Morrison’s doughnuts, or we won’t let you in. Just kidding.





We’re very pleased to an600x600nounce our first official song release of 2013, available now from iTunes, Amazon and emusic….

Also available on 12″ vinyl in the coming weeks….

‘Smoky Times Volume II’ (Smoky Carrot Recs) is a compilation of songs by acts and artists from around the UK, USA, and Europe. We’re very happy to appear alongside such great company.

Smoky Carrot is a London-based label founded in 2006 by Pete Dyson and Paul Perrelet. Check out the site here:




We’re pretty excited to make our first major announcement of 2013. P1160647

In May and June we will be spreading our wings and flying a little further than we have before. This year we hope to venture across the English channel to European shores, a pretty exciting proposition for us.

On tour we will be accompanied on our UK shows by our pals Game_Program, a new dance act featuring Jon Nash (Hookworms / Nope / Cowtown / formerly of Runners) and Toby Gamlen (also formerly of Runners).

The tour will run from May 23rd to June 2nd, taking in 6 shows in the UK, 4 in Europe.

We are looking to play at club nights, dance parties, art spaces, regular gig venues etc. Wherever people want to dance we want to be there!

We would love to hear from you, so please get in touch.

As the next few months progress we will post regular updates on confirmed tour dates on our ‘shows’ page, and our Facebook and Bandcamp pages, along with news of all other Galaxians shows in the UK and abroad in 2013.

For further info, press, images etc, or to book Galaxians please email or call:

MARIE (Julie Tippex) –

MATT (Galaxians) – // 00 44 (0)7944 649952

JON (Game_Program) –

Information on technical specifications and specific PA requirements can be found on our ‘info // tech’ page.

We hope to hear from you and meet you in the not-too-distant future!

///\\\// GALAXIANS \\///\\\



RELEASE YOURSELF II @ Wharf Chambers 15/12/12

What an incredible night!! Difficult to actually express in words how much fun we had at Release Yourself II at our favourite Leeds venue Wharf Chambers on Saturday. Amazing live sets from Runners and Unmade Bed, great DJ sets from Matt, Pat, Henry, Dom, Brigit, and Gav, beautiful dancers, a great vibe, our best decor design yet, and a packed house.

The night kicked off with a beautiful set from Sheffield band Unmade Bed, on only their third gig and debut Leeds performance. Hannah, Robert and Dorian describe themselves as “No Wave bedroom disco”. We’d say that’s a good description. James Chance-style abrasive, scratchy guitar playing, raw, glitchy drum machine dance beats, great bass hooks with that warm semi-acoustic tone, and incredible, soulful singing. Not only do they have great songs, a sharp style and look incredibly sexy on stage, they are also friendly, forthcoming and a delight to spend time with. Personally we hope they come back very soon.

Find them here:

We were very sad to hear about the recent demise of one of our favourite Leeds bands and Stargaze Records label pals Runners, so it’s fair to say that we watched their set with heavy hearts. Having said that, it’s impossible to watch Runners without feeling incredibly uplifted by their particular brand of live dance music. For us it’s just a great mix of elements, neatly packaged into a very tasteful and considered whole. It’s part-krautrock – the foreword momentum and motorik style, part-ambient techno – warm, rounded, repetitive bass synth hooks, part-house – euphoric, polyrhythmic synth melodies. What’s not to like?? So, farewell Runners, we shall miss you. On the plus side we have new ex-Runners projects to look forward to, namely Girls Water (Jonathan Nash / Toby Gamlen) and Chrononautz (Leon Carey / Dominic Clare) and we have been informed that Runners plan to record their remaining unreleased tracks before they finally call it a day. This pleases us greatly.

Find them here:

The DJ sets all really went off at this RY party, and it was really satisfying to see so many people whooping, hollering, high-fiving, and generally losing their shit on the dancefloor. Beautiful smiling faces and a very well-dressed and friendly crowd, just what we like to see. The sets from Matt, Pat, Henry, Brigit, Dom, and Gav pumped out house, boogie, disco, post-disco, techno, hi-nrg, italo, two-step, garage, electro, krautrock, and no wave. It was LOUD, and we utilized those in-house subs as best we could!

Here’s a selection from Matt’s two sets:

Big Fun – INNER CITY (1988)

Optimo – LIQUID LIQUID (1983)

I Believe (feat. Lindsey Caldwell) – ELI ESCOBAR (2012)

You’re My Number One – RADIANCE feat. ANDREA STONE (1983)

Let’s Do It – CONVERTION (1980)

Inspector Norse – TODD TERJE (2012)

You Can’t Have It – STARGAZE (1982)

From Here To Eternity – GIORGIO MORODER (1977)

Bax – MOSCA (2011)

You Are In My System – THE SYSTEM (1982)

Track 2 – EROS EP (2012)

Walking On Sunshine – ROCKER’S REVENGE feat. DONNIE CALVIN (1982)

Get Off (You Fascinate Me) – PATRICE RUSHEN (1984)

I’m Caught Up (In A One Night Love Affair) – INNER LIFE (1979)

Weekend – CLASS ACTION (1983)

Bad Times (I Can’t Stand It) – CAPTAIN RAPP (1983)

Hopscotch (Larry Levan remix) – GWEN GUTHRIE (1983)

Trent was on hand again and took some great shots, here’s a selection of those:

So, on behalf of Release Yourself we would like to say a huge thanks to all the staff at Wharf Chambers who worked both the day and night shifts (Lotte, Andrew, Tommo, Eleanor, Rob, Alex, Anna), everyone who worked on the door for us (Gem, Rachel, Jed, Martha, Jess, George), the bands (Nash, Toby, Leon, Dom, Hannah, Dorian, Robert), our guest DJs (Dom, Gav, Brigit) and everyone who came, danced, hung out, shook hands, held hands, kissed, hugged, drank, and hooked up. We hope you had a chance to release yourself and we hope to see you at the next one!

Matt xxx







RELEASE YOURSELF II @ Wharf Chambers 15.12.12.


@ Wharf Chambers

23 – 25 Wharf St, LEEDS
15 / 12 / 12.
9pm – 6am



Feels like it’s been a while, but we cant wait to have you come dance with us again. We were all so pleased with our last party – over the past few months we’ve all been day dreaming about how much fun we had. You dancers really made it for us.

We just hope we can make it for you again.

This time we hope to make Release Yourself even more special.

We’re delighted to have former Long Blondes guitarist Dorian Cox’ new No Wave bedroom disco outfit Unmade Bed, who will make the trip over from Sheffield to play for us. Have a listen here:

Our good friends and upfront good hearted Leeds party people Runners will be playing too. In case you don’t know they’re a blend of Krautrock, proto-house and ambient techno, and feature members of Hookworms, Chrononautz, Nope, Charlie Cake etc etc:

We’re delighted to announce that we asked some friends to come play some records and they said yes. So expect some new faces behind the decks. If you would like to play at the next party just get in touch.

Most of all though expect to dance freely. What we value most of all in putting on nights like this is our belief that anyone of us can come together from any background, even just for the night, to celebrate each other and dance together. We want you to make friends – maybe even fall in love. We’re hoping that you come and make a connection with someone and Release Yourself.

Get your backs off the wall people – let’s go dancing.


Poor Trent. Following a long and messy night at Sapphic Traffic we made him get out of bed just at the point when he’d probably only just got in it. He brought his fancy camera, his skillz and a bunch of fun ideas to Wharf Chambers, where we were busy drinking espresso and discussing Ash dieback over the Saturday papers.

Wharf Chambers was the obvious choice. Our friends are there, it feels like something of a spiritual home for us, and they gots all those Seabrook’s crisp flavours you just never seem to see in shops these days.

We think Trent did an incredible job and in return we’ll be loading him up with all of the food he likes. Amazingly, this was Trent’s first project documenting a band visually in a non-performance format. But brother racked that muthafucka like he was a pro, don’t you agree?

Check the gallery to see a selection of the images:



IT’S 20 YEARS AGO TODAY THAT THE WORLD SAID A FOND FAREWELL TO LARRY LEVAN, but for so many he will always live on! Larry was a one-off, a supreme talent that created some of the most thrilling, unique, organic, sexy mixes we’ve ever heard.

His remixes of Gwen Guthrie tracks in particular are simply jaw-dropping, genre-defining (and genre defying!) classics, full of charm, sexiness, and the kinds of sounds you can’t quite describe in words. We only wish we’d been old enough and bold enough (to fly all the way to NY!) to catch one of his legendary sets at the Paradise Garage way back in the day.

Here’s an interesting piece written about Larry from the Discogs website….

“There’s not much that can be said that hasn’t been said already in dozens of articles, reviews and tribute websites, but I’m compelled to add my two cents. I first heard about the Paradise Garage from an article in NYC’s defunct “SOHO Weekly News”, and I was fascinated. The very well written review was published sometime in 1979 or `80, and my interest was piqued, as my world consisted of clubs, parties and venues that thrived on the anti-disco backlash. My willingness to examine my own irrational prejudice against “Disco” occured one night at The Mudd Club, a cutting-edge post-punk dance club with a sound-system designed by Bryan Eno and a punky-artsy clientele that probably prided itself in never having set foot in a “real” discotheque. I counted myself among that herd until I heard a real Disco DJ upstairs, guesting on the second floor, and my eyes were opened wide and my jaw dropped when I watched and listened to this guy seamlessly blending hot Salsoul, West End and Prelude records. Of course the music was amazing and had nothing in common with my media-inspired, brainwashed aversion to so-called Disco music. I was mesmerized and made it my business to get into the Garage come hell or high-water. I had started DJing in the East Village by then and Bobby Shaw, then the promoter for Warner Brothers records, got me on the guest-list and I finally arrived at Disco Nirvana. But even then, Larry opened my mind and challenged my pre-conceived notions of what he was about. In the course of the night I heard Kraftwerk, The Peach Boys, Yaz, Konk, Mikki, The Temptations, Men At Work, D-Train, and the list of ecclectic twists and turns was mind-blowing to say the least..and that sound system. The best I’d ever heard, albeit too loud for my already sensitive ears. I was a regular there until it closed, and due to Larry’s reputation as a moody and unpredictable soul with a slightly self-destuctive bent (like Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison, to name a few), I kept my distance from his inner circle and insisted on paying my yearly membership fee as well as the modest admission price. I never regretted my decision, and only after the Garage closed did I become friendly with the now more accessible and down-to-earth Larry Levan. I feel blessed to have had him share his knowledge and stories with me, and not a day passes when I don’t think about the man or listen to one of his totally unique, trippy and dub-inspired remixes. Literally NO DJ can ever achieve his impact on my life or come close to his skills at sonic reconstruction and open-minded, genius programming. He was a genuine 20th century SHAMAN. I Love you and miss you Larry!”

Here at GLX HQ we can’t get enough of Larry’s work and we thought we might share with you a short list of some of our favourite Levan mixes.

We strongly recommend that you hook up with LL and let him cement himself in your subconscious. PLAY LOUD and DANCE!!

JIMMY ROSSFirst True Love Affair



GWEN GUTHRIE Hopscotch (vocal and instrumental)

GWEN GUTHRIE – Seventh Heaven

FIRST CHOICE -Double Cross

LOGG I Know You Will

AURRA – When I Come Home

SKYY First Time Around




There’s so many more, but these are some of our biggest faves….hope you dig :)))

<<<< GALAXIANS >>>>








Tickets £8 £10 OTD or 4 for £25 on line (limited)

Wyther Lane, Kirkstall, Leeds, LS5 3BT Leeds


SO psyched for this! Come join us and help us SMASH IT!!

We’ll also be having a natter on Cowbell radio before the show, shooting the shiz, playing tracks and generally having a fun time.

P.S. Forget about Sunday, it’s not important ;).


SG 01 – Single of the week at Norman Records!!


Galaxians // Runners Split 12″ – SG 01, released October 25 2012.

Here’s what they said:

“Oh, nice! I don’t know a lot about this Stargaze label but this mysterious and very limited (only 100 in the world!) 12” has some super-fresh cuts from two top new bands with a shared love for live drums and classic synthesizers. Hot dawg! I doubt our copies will last long so I wouldn’t sit on this one.

On the A side we’ve got duo Galaxians dropping ‘Brace Yoself’, with a stomping disco-funk beat alongside some nimble acid squiggles, cosmic arpeggios and slick synth acrobatics that remind our Brian of Daft Punk, and me of ‘Rockit’-era Herbie Hancock with a touch of New York house influence. This track is so classy! The beats are clean and hard-grooving and the vibes are constantly blazing. You’re gonna rip up dancefloors up and down the country with this. I’ve seen these guys live and it’s a total dance party, don’t miss out if you get a chance.

On the other side there’s Runners, whose debut ‘Starting Line’ 12” impressed us all last year. These four chill dudes like to smoke the reefer and play the synthesizers, and the jam on this platter, ‘Tranquility Base II’, may remind you of Inner Tube minus the guitar or perhaps the TV programme ‘Wish You Were Here’. It’s all celestial smooth synths with a soft head-nodding groove for a real driving-into-the-sunset slow groover with silky, insidious melodies. Totally hot offerings on both sides, highly recommended!”



We are Galaxians!

\/\\/\/\\\ We are Galaxians \/\/\\/// \

We are also Jed Skinner and Matt Woodward.

Since early 2012 we have been making music to dance to, primarily through the use of analog synthesizers, acoustic drums and electronic percussion, both pre-programmed, and played live in real time.

We feel that the soul of dance music lies in all of us – what we might refer to as the human waveform – the pulse of the heart.

Between us we have a shared love of music that moves us in some way, but more specifically we share a passion for what we would tentatively call ‘pre-computer age’ dance music, that is to say dance music that could be more accurately described as mostly ‘pre-digital.’

As a band we’re always excited by looking ahead but also by looking back……back to the work of the early musicians, DJs, producers, explorers, pioneers – David Mancuso, Tom Moulton, John Morales, Donna Summer, Walter Gibbons, The Salsoul Orchestra, Herbie Hancock, Kraftwerk, Francois Kevorkian, Giorgio Moroder, Arthur Russell, Shep Pettibone, Larry Levan, Frankie Knuckles, Tee Scott, Nicky Siano, Gwen Guthrie, Nile Rodgers, Earl Young, Grace Jones, Brian Eno….the list just goes on and on!

Then there are all the things we take for granted in modern dance music today – the club, the club DJ, the 12″ record, the remix, the sound system, the drum machine, the synthesizer, the sequencer etc – all created during those early, furtive years of dance culture.

It must have been an amazing time to be a part of.

All those clubs and party venues – The Loft, The Gallery, Paradise Garage, Xenon,  Area, Danceteria, The Limelight, Studio 54 etc, plus the UK clubs – The Hacienda, The Blitz, Camden Palace, The Orbit (Leeds!) etc.

Then there are all those incredible record labels – Salsoul, Prelude, Trax, Casablanca, Street Sounds, Strictly Rhythm, Sunnyview, SAM, West End, Solar, Excalibur, Vanguard, Sleeping Bag, Emergency, TK, De-Lite etc etc.

And SO many amazing records…..but we won’t get started on that. Yet. Suffice to say it’s a seemingly endless journey of excitement and discovery for us.

So, that’s pretty much where we’re coming from. We love those early explorations and developments, those early partnerships between humans and machines. We hope you dig our music.



|||||||||| GALAXIANS ||||||||||

We are JED SKINNER and MATT WOODWARD. We use analog synths, programming, and acoustic drums to create dance music. We play, write and program using Roland JX3P and Nord Electro analog synthesizers, Roland TR drum machine sounds and Ludwig and Gretsch acoustic drums.

Our songs are both programmed and played live in real time. We believe dance music should always retain and maintain its human elements, and the physical contact of a human hand.

We have been playing shows in the UK since March 2012 after we met in Leeds and formed Galaxians in late 2011.

Our debut record is out now on STARGAZE: It’s a very limited (100 press) split 12″ 45rpm single with our friends RUNNERS. We also have a 6-track mini album available to buy on our Bandcamp:

In February 2013 we will begin work on our debut album at Ghost Town studio in Leeds.