Release Yourself is an intimate dance party held every three to four months at Wharf Chambers in Leeds.

The party is hosted by Pat McCusker, Matt Woodward and Henry Hobson and is a celebration of love, life and liberation through dancing.

Release Yourself was born out of a desire to try and emulate some of the work of legendary DJs / dance music visionaries David Mancuso (The Loft), Larry Levan (Paradise Garage) and Nicky Siano (The Gallery), and the feeling they inspired within their respective environments.

Release Yourself I took place on August 4 2012 at Wharf Chambers. Pics and a review from that night can be viewed here:

Release Yourself II will be held on December 15 2012, also at WC. Please join us! Event page here:

Release Yourself III is scheduled for late March 2013.

“What we value most of all in putting on nights like this is our belief that anyone of us can come together from any background, even just for the night, to celebrate each other and dance together. We want you to make friends – maybe even fall in love. We’re hoping that you come and make a connection with someone and Release Yourself. ♥ Get your backs off the wall people – let’s go dancing. ♥”  Release Yourself


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