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STARGAZE RECORDS was started by Jonathan Nash and Matt Woodward in the autumn of 2012.

The idea for the label came about as a direct influence of dance labels such as Trax, with a concept based around the notion that each release should be produced under the following criteria:

Limited vinyl runs of 100
140g 45 rpm black vinyl
Single track per side
Hand-stamped ‘Stargaze’ disco bags
Individually numbered
Redeemable download codes
No artwork
Hand-stamped centres

Stargaze’ first release (SG 001) went on sale on 25.02.13.

SG 001

Side A) GALAXIANS – Brace Yoself

Side B) RUNNERS – Tranquility Base Part II

Stargaze’ second release (SG 002) went on sale on 14.02.14.

SG 002

Side A) GALAXIANS – Electroads

Side B) BODYBEAT – Sextape

SG002 Colours

sounds of the boogiedown universe