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Our 20th mix is by Jed and features:

1. Feel – “I’d Like To” (Sutra Records, 1982)
2. Tramaine – “The Rock” (Instrumental Dub) (A&M Records, 1987)
3. Shawn Christopher – “Welcome Home” (Hidden Mix) (We-Ze Records, 2006)
4. Geraldine Hunt – “Can’t Fake The Feeling” (Prism Records, 1980)
5. Lenny Williams – “You Got Me Running” (Reconstructed Mix) (original ABC Records, 1978)
6. The Jammers – “Be Mine Tonight” (Instrumental) (Salsoul, 1982)
7. Midnight Star – “I’ve Been Watching You” (Sound of Los Angeles Records, 1981)
8. Benny Rose – “It’s Only You” (Tropical Budda Records, 1984)
9. Ebonee Webb – “Gonna Get Cha” (Capitol Records, 1981)
10. René and Angela – “Wall To Wall” (Capitol Records, 1981)

  1. Feel – “I’d Like To” (Sutra Records, 1982)

A steady-skipping boogie beat and interplay between synths, guitars and vocals on this opener from Feel.  Produced by Chris Hills, who also wrote the Players Association’s disco classic “Turn the Music Up”, and with superb vocals from Gail Freeman.

  1. Tramaine – “The Rock” (Instrumental Dub) (A&M Records, 1987)

Mixed by Larry Levan, this instrumental version was played at the legendary Paradise Garage nightclub in NYC just before it closed its doors for good.  This instrumental version brings out the late-80s instrumentation, with the drum machine and DX7 synth prominent in the mix.

  1. Shawn Christopher – “Welcome Home” (Hidden Mix) (We-Ze Records, 2006)

“Welcome Home” was played just once at the Paradise Garage by Larry Levan.  Just once!  Can you believe it?

This track is taken from a 2006 release that makes the claim that this version is a Larry Levan mix.  Maybe it is, but since it’s taken from a tape, and has been on the bootleg circuit for a number of years, no-one knows for sure.  Maybe someone will reissue it and give it a nice 180gsm vinyl repress sometime soon.

  1. Geraldine Hunt – “Can’t Fake The Feeling” (Prism Records, 1980)

A bit of everything here – strings, guitar, Fender Rhodes electric piano with a bit of phaser, and of course, Geraldine Hunt. Known on the Northern Soul circuit for a number of late 60s/early 70s releases that exchange for hundreds of pounds a piece, this 1980 release on Prism is a disco classic that you can get for a couple of quid if you know where to look!  Check out Kathleen Dyson’s guitar solo at the end of the track, too.

  1. Lenny Williams – “You Got Me Running” (Reconstructed Mix) (original ABC Records, 1978)

An unknown producer has done a sterling job of subtly extending this 1978 disco classic from Lenny Williams.  Allegedly, Larry Levan had a version not too dissimilar from this on ¼” reel-to-reel tape that he would play at The Paradise Garage in the late 70s.  Maybe this is as close as we’ll get to that.

  1. The Jammers – “Be Mine Tonight” (Instrumental) (Salsoul, 1982)

Mixed by Shep Pettibone, who’s a big fan of repetition and extending things out, and arranged by Richie Weeks from Weeks & Co, which also featured Jocelyn Brown (check out “Knock, Knock” for a similar groove).   Shep would later go on to work with Madonna, the Pet Shop Boys, Lionel Ritchie and many more, helping to sell the idea of a ‘remix’ to the wider public.

  1. Midnight Star – “I’ve Been Watching You” (Sound of Los Angeles Records, 1981)

Produced by Leon Silvers, who has worked on some of the most classic tracks in R&B since the late 70s, including co-writing “The Beat Goes On” by The Whispers (later sampled by Will Smith for “Miami”), as well as writing for Gladys Knight, Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King and Shalamar, to name but a few.  So you know this will be just GREAT.

  1. Benny Rose – “It’s Only You” (Tropical Budda Records, 1984)

A copy of this will set you back about £200, and it’s not hard to see why.  Everything about it screams “RARE”, from the scarcely-got-it-but-it-still-works electric tom intro, to Benny’s slightly weird vocals, and not forgetting that banging bassline.  Plus of course, the delightfully bonkers label name, ‘Tropical Budda Records’.  Praise the Lord for the internet for letting us experience this disco obscurity.  (It was reissued in 2007 on Boogie Times Records, but that’s long sold out.  It might be cheaper trying to get a copy of one of those, though).

  1. Ebonee Webb – “Gonna Get Cha” (Capitol Records, 1981)

This is the last track of Ebonee Webb’s 1981 self-titled album and it’s great.  The last track!  Wonder what the rest of the album is like?  Well, it’s got THE FONK, that’s what, so go and buy the whole thing and put it on right now.

  1. René and Angela – “Wall To Wall” (Capitol Records, 1981)

And from the last track to the first, and also from another self-titled album.  The first track! Wonder what the rest of the album is like?  Well, it’s got THE FONK, that’s what, so go and buy the whole thing and put it on right now…


KMAH Radio // Needle To The Groove Featuring Galaxians

Matt joined fellow Wild Visions founder and party co-host The Boogie Monster and radio show host Anthony Dobson for Needle To The Groove on KMAH radio in Leeds on 20 November.

Full tracklist:

Tilt – Arkade Funk
Reggie Griffin & Technofunk – Mirda Rock
The Fantastic Aleems featuring Corky Hodges – Movin’ to the Beat
Vance & Suzzanne – I Can’t Get Along Without You
Crown Heights Affair – Body and Soul
Brass Construction – Now Is Tomorrow
Disco Pocho – Rollerskating (Javi Frias edit)
Bobby Cash Redd – Skate Party People
Central Line – Don’t Tell Me (Larry Levan mix)
Rhyze – I Found Love In You
Eddy Grant – Time Warp
ESG – Moody
Nancy Martin – Can’t Believe
Armenta – I Wanna Be With You (part 2)
JA Groove – Release The Tension
Sparque – Music Turns Me On
Clyde featuring Capitol A – Serve It Up
Omar S – U
Q – The Voice Of Q
Shannon – Give Me Tonight (dub version)
Love Club – Hot Summer Nights
Karen Silver – Nobody Else
Galaxians – How Do U Feel? (full-length album version)

Guestlist Premieres Galaxians’ New Video For ‘How Do U Feel?’

Guestlist has premiered the video for the radio edit of our song ‘How Do U Feel?

The video was shot in Hackney Wick and showcases the incredible talents of Kamilė Davidonytė, a Lithuanian-born dancer now living in London. We followed Kamilė as she freestyled around the streets of Hackney dancing in the sunshine, against a backdrop of graffiti and urban noise.

Filmed and directed by BBC director and founder of Phono Films Clare Tavernor, the film also features Keith Haring-inspired graphics by Victoria Ford which add a further playfulness and accentuate Kamile’s dancing perfectly.

‘How Do U Feel?’ is taken from our new album Let The Rhythm In (Dither Down) and will be released as a digital single on Dither Down along with exclusive guest remixes.

Read the article here.

GALAXIANS ‘Let The Rhythm In’ // New Album & Tour Dates

Debut album on Dither Down (Brooklyn, New York).

“A tour de force of exuberant club energy” CLASH

Available from Dither Down Records from 20 October on limited edition gatefold 180 gram double LP.

Pre-order the vinyl and download at Bandcamp. Vinyl available from selected record stores from 5 November.

Produced by Ross Halden at Ghost Town, Leeds 2016. Mastered by Dave Cooley at Elysian Masters, Los Angeles. Artwork and layout by Luke Drozd.
Photography by Tim Dunk.

October Tour Dates:

19.10 LEEDS Brudenell Social Club
20.10 BRISTOL Crofters Rights
21.10 AMSTERDAM Doka
22.10 JEUMONT Jardin de l’espérance
24.10 COLOGNE Buhmann & Sohn
25.10 BRUSSELS Bonnefooi
26.10 LILLE Gare Saint Sauveur
(event info tbc)
28.10 LONDON Total Refreshment Centre

CONVERSATION: Dancer Kamilė Davidonytė Talks To Galaxians

You might be forgiven for raising an eyebrow at the suggestion that the country of Lithuania is a hotbed of contemporary street dance styles and hip hop culture. The southernmost Baltic state isn’t well-known for it’s dance culture, but times are changing.

Dancers Kamilė Davidonytė and Greta Lukošiūtė are at the forefront of Lithuania’s changing cultural landscape and are helping shape the future of dance in cities such as the capital Vilnius, alongside the country’s first urban dance company Low Air Urban Dance.

Both Greta and Kamilė also teach and were themselves students at the well established Roots dance studio in Vilnius, where students practise a variety of disciplines and styles through regular workshops, and go on to compete in battles and dance events hosted by the studio.

We found out about the two dancers – who are also best friends – through a post on Facebook which linked to video clips of them dancing in urban areas around Vilnius. Now living in London we met with Kamile in August and were super-excited when she agreed to work with Galaxians and BBC director Clare Tavernor on the video for our new single ‘How Do U Feel?’ We spoke to her ahead of the release of the video and single this month.

I’d like to ask you about where you’re from. What was life like growing up in Lithuania? What’s the dance culture like there, in general?

Lithuania was definitely a nice place to be brought up in as it is very family orientated. We are all very close because I’ve always had my relatives around me starting from very young age. I would say I was kind of living like a gypsy and was the first baby in my generation. Everyone just couldn’t get enough of me.
As the country is very small, the dance culture is pretty narrow. We have some world-known dance collectives but dancing is not very popular field to be in.

What was the spark that fuelled your interest in dance?

Music first. Reggae then hip hop mostly. Music that I was listening by the time that I started dancing was the music that had the rhythmical base line which moves you in that hip hop way.

I was one of the first wave of teenagers who got really into hip hop, electro, and breaking. I think that was a really exciting time for young kids in the UK. Do you get a sense of the same excitement from young people you work with and teach?

Kids that I teach are always extremely passionate about what they are doing, which is really exciting for me. Seeing the excitement and fire in their eyes helps drive my passion for teaching.

Do you have any singular dance influences – particular dancers or people who you take inspiration from?

I get influenced by many dancers and non-dancers. Definitely couldn’t name them all as there are a lot. I do have few favourites who always leaves me with my mouth open. Jaygee and Batalla in particular.

Like other art forms, it seems that modern dance incorporates many styles that crossover? Do you think that benefits the art form itself, and encourages greater freedom?

It’s always good to be versatile and being able to achieve that gives you tools to build up your confidence as a dancer. I think it’s important to make make sure that you’re not a jack of all trades though. Dancers are informed by a lot of styles and there is a greater level of style crossover now. But we also incorporate things that aren’t necessarily or specifically dance movements, like a certain attitude or approach.

“Low Air is Lithuania’s first urban dance company, combining contemporary and street dance forms such as popping and locking and breakdancing, and challenging the notion of what “belongs on stage.” The founders and choreographers are Laurynas Žakevičius and Airida Gudaitė, artistic collaborators and real-life couple. Gudaitė is a professionally trained dancer with a background ranging from classical ballet to jazz, gaga, and hip-hop, making her the ultimate threat in a dance battle. Her partner Žakevičius worked in the juvenile system using urban dance with children in foster care.”

Sarah Holcman TIME OUT

How do you create a balance between technique and good ideas? Do you think they are equally important?

Oh that’s a very hard question. They are both equally important so if you manage to balance them both, I guess that would be the perfect combination.

You and your friend / fellow dancer Greta teach people to dance? Tell me a little about that?

Oh yes! We both love to teach. I just love seeing people getting better or being able to do things that were extremely hard for them. I recently moved to London and am really excited about teaching in the UK.

In your video clips for Roots you look like you’re both having a lot of fun dancing together? How long have you been friends?

We have been best friends for over six years. I guess the best part of it is being able to travel with my best friend and dance with her. Not many people get to share their passion with their beloved ones.

You both have different styles, which is one of the things I really like about watching your clips. Do you learn from each other and share ideas regularly?

Definitely yes, because we spend so much time together. It would be very difficult not to get influenced by each other.

Your performances are really fluid-looking. How do you choreograph your ideas?

Most of the time it’s freestyle. We barely choreograph anything. Unless it is a special showcase then our teacher does the choreography.

What are your plans and hopes for the future?

Just to be as happy as possible with myself and always remind myself that I am enough and everything else will come if I work hard.


‘LET THE RHYTHM IN’ Album & Tour Launch // 19 October @ Brudenell Social Club

Stargaze Records Presents……

(Dither Down / Stargaze)

Brudenell Social Club

We would like to invite you to party with us as we celebrate the release of our first long player, Let The Rhythm In. The record is our first as a trio and our third release on Brooklyn New York imprint Dither Down.

Within the music of Galaxians – the trio of Emma Mason, Matt Woodward and Jed Skinner – lies a powerfully hedonistic strain that does much to loop a thread through the party lineage of their adopted hometown of Leeds. Coupled with the first impressions of what the pair loosely term their “pre-digital dance music”, you might not raise an eyebrow to find out that their cues are taken in-part from classic disco and house labels such as Sleeping Bag or Chicago’s TRAX, nor that their early EPs found homes across the Atlantic on the similarly-minded Dither Down in Brooklyn, and Atlanta’s Rotating Souls Records.

However, it’s the beating pulse of Northern England club life, married with the thriving independence of much of the region’s best venues and spaces that forces its way through on the duo’s debut LP Let The Rhythm In. Recorded at Leeds Ghost Town studio with Ross Halden, the eight tracks come steeped in the Yorkshire city’s less-trumpeted but enduring house heritage – with inspiration drawn from the all-day parties of the late 70s and early 80s, the disco that emerged from the fading Northern Soul movement of the early 80s and the resonant acid house era that boomed across both sides of the Pennines.

Previous 12”’s Galaxians and Personal Disco Component captured much of the lo-fi scuzziness that Galaxians have long-surrounded themselves with – as likely to pop up playing more punk-associated DIY spots like their hometown’s Wharf Chambers as they are in front of the heads at Beat-Herder or late-night with the likes of Horse Meat Disco and Auntie Flo. That raw playfulness in their sound still bubbles beneath the surface, but there’s a whole new fluidity to proceedings, a seamless flow between the rattle and strut of their analogue funk.

If Skinner and Woodward have deftly refined things however, then what’s altered the soundscape unequivocally is the addition of long-time friend and vocalist Emma Mason. Though not a constant, her presence is felt immediately on the opening track Street Level, a powerful, soulful vocal that commands the track in a way that resonates far beyond the relatively brief time she actually appears. On Subway Dancers, meanwhile, the heat and hustle of its bassy propulsion melts beneath the shimmer and sway of the melody.


October tour dates:

19.10 LEEDS Brudenell Social Club
20.10 BRISTOL Crofters Rights
21.10 AMSTERDAM Doka (ADE)
22.10 JEUMONT Jardin de l’espérance
24.10 COLOGNE Buhmann & Sohn
25.10 BRUSSELS Bonnefooi
26.10 LILLE Gare Saint Sauveur
28.10 LONDON Total Refreshment Centre

The artist formerly known as Game_Program, aka multi-instrumentalist and member of Hookworms, Cowtown, and Nope, Jon Nash.
Recent performances have shown a tasteful refining of ideas incorporating lo-fi, lo-slung house grooves, arpeggiated synth lines designed to hypnotise, and classic drum machine sounds. Altogether it’s a sound not dissimilar to artists such as Warp’s Clark and Argentinian DJ / producer Leonel Castillo, though it’s an arguably more soulful listening experience.

Back to basics pop duo VIDE0 comprises song writing partners Alex Brown and Emily Garner, previously of bands Bathymetry and Prowles. Operating in Salford, the pair’s direct, uptempo, fun pop music may come as a surprise given the more whimsical guitar-focused sound of their previous band. However, in reality it’s a logical progression to a more immediate, fully formed sound, expressed for the most part through sparkling synths and riff-heavy bass, accompanied by machine programmed beats and dual vocal melodies. Comparisons to New Order may appear lazy, but there’s a definite link here to the city’s lineage of bass-driven synth pop and post-punk.

Big Shot Premieres SIREN Remix Of ‘Out They Minds’

Premiere: Galaxians – Out They Minds (SIREN Remix)

Leeds-based Matt Woodward and Jed Skinner formed house act Galaxians in 2012. Over the past five years they’ve forged a beautiful soundscape that’s all about keeping dance floors moving and grooving. Now a trio thanks to the addition of vocalist Emma Mason, they’re about to unveil their full-length, Let The Rhythm In, on Brooklyn’s Dither Down. The LP is an expression of their love for soul to house music, and it’s founded on the studio experience they’ve gained over the years.

Galaxians put the single “Out They Minds” in the capable hands of SIREN, a collaboration between NYC legends Darshan Jesrani of Metro Area and Dennis Kane. It’s nothing short of spectacular, and we’re thrilled to world premiere it! BIG SHOT

CLASH premieres ‘Out They Minds’

Clash Premieres ‘Out They Minds’ (Dither Down 2017)


Galaxians formed back in 2012, vowing to make dance music that wasn’t actually ‘dance music’.

Reaching back to the roots of electronic music in the North of England – think electro, synth pop, and early Warp – the group began building up a distinctly individual sound and approach.

Now expanded to a trio, Galaxians are currently prepping new release ‘Let The Rhythm In’, a tour de force of exuberant club energy.

Clash is able to premiere ‘Out They Minds’ and it matches EBM influences to cold wave, early techno, and machine funk. Basically, it slaps.


Super Friendz & Youth Club Sounds Collaborate On Mixtape

From I Like Press press release…

With the Collaborationz project, the promoting team behind Belgrave Music Hall and Headrow House, Super Friendz,  wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate the people and partnerships that make the North an exciting place to collaborate. One collaboration will be launched each month with each having its own focus on a different partnership, the aim is to highlight the diverse range of talent being cultivated in the North at this moment in time.

The first three months of 2017 will see Super Friendz and the venues partner up with the likes of Youth Club Sounds, Welcome Skate Store and Alphabet Brewing Co. Details of each collaboration will be released quarterly and each will be produced on limited release and available for one month only.

The first collaboration to see the light of day will be a 16 track mixtape put together in conjunction with Leeds label Youth Club Sounds, featuring a host of Leeds’ artists including Krrum, Caro, Denmarc Creary & Izzy Flynn, and Galaxians. Harris Hameed who has received heavy rotation from the BBC Asian network, and producer/multi-instrumentalist Dulahli who’s chopped and screwed hip-hop has seen his added to this years Soundwave festival.

Youth Club Sounds continue the grand tradition of Leeds’ Hyde Park area sitting at the beating heart of its underground and DIY music community. Youth Club Sounds’ Robbie Russell explains their beginnings “We started Youth Club about 18 months ago, for fairly selfish reasons. We simply wanted to hear the music we loved on big speakers. It opened a door for us to start introducing the city to new music, influenced by the experimental Soundcloud beat scene, fusing together aspects of Atlanta trap, New York hip hop, grime and dance music.”

Youth Club Sounds were approached by Super Friendz to become a part of the Collaborationz project. “Having the opportunity to work with Super Friendz has been immense, as they’re always willing to commit to pushing the Leeds scene, facilitating shows with cutting-edge musicians and given local talent a stage to cut their teeth on. This release is about showing the city off, condensing the best of Leeds new wave onto a nicely packaged cassette tape.”

The Super Friendz / Youth Club Sounds Mixtape will be available from Crash & Jumbo Records in Leeds and available to listen to on Soundcloud from the 28th January.

Ben Lewis – Head Booker, Super Friendz:

“Leeds has always had praise heaped on its guitar music, but right now there’s a really exciting scene coming up of producers, multi-instrumentalists and MC’s, what we’re doing with this mixtape is wanting to shine a light on some of these artists and the forward thinking, progressive music they’re making. We’ve teamed up with Youth Club Sounds to help curate the tape as they’ve been at the forefront of pushing Leeds’ nightlife in the last few months and have really nurtured a stable of artists, many of whom can be found on this mix.”


Krrum – Blessing In A Black Dress

Denmarc Creary – Rollin’ Remix Ft Dialect

Peakes – Pray For You

Caro – Cold Comfort

Jason Everest – Island

Duhlahli – All I’m Doing Is Fortune Tellin’

Harris Hameed – Let’s Go

Galaxians – Street Level

Loyal Hardware – On You

Moegli – U A Freak

Izzy Flynn – Gracious

Kaluax – Into U

The Northaze – Azorian

Raymond’s Child – Kohaku

Georgia Thursting – Take it out on me

Paya – One